Graphite Based

We produce graphite based products. Intumescent and with a low starting expansion temperature.

siliconen sealant

Fitherm® GB

A basic, but very well performing tape. Expansion temperature starting from 200°C.

Glazing Tape

Fitherm® GH

A high-performance intumescent tape, with a starting expansion  temperature from 180°C.

siliconen sealant

Fitherm® GS

A newly developed high-performance tape, with a starting expansion from 150°C.

siliconen sealant

Fitherm® GS-i

Graphite based intumescent product for the challenging tasks, expands to multiple times its original volume and a starting expansion from 180°C.

graphite based intumescent product

Fitherm® GX-f

Especially developed for applications, where high expansion volume and pressure in combination with the stable char are required.

reactive product intumescent product

Fitherm® IG

A newly developed graphite based intumescent gasket. It can seal the corresponding joint against air transfer and humidity under normal conditions.

siliconen sealant

Fitherm® GM

Fitherm GM is a good solution in areas where ventilation is needed, like facades and roofs, to prevent fire from spreading.

Glazing Tape

Fitherm® GX

Graphite based intumescent sheet with excellent properties. Expansion starting at a relatively low temperature around 150°C.

siliconen sealant

Fitherm® GC

A graphite based flexible intumescent sheet especially developed for cable bandage against fire in electric installations.

fitherm putty fimotion graphite based product

Fitherm® IP

A sealant based on a polymer dispersion in water and expandable graphite. In case of fire it expands up to 25-folds its original volume.


Product BaseGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphite
Expansion volume factor approx.15/2025/3030353020309up to 5025
Expansion starting °C approx.200180150180150180180200180150
Expansion pressure - N/mm2 up to0.50.70.7/1.31.710.
Density - gr/cm31.25-1.31.25-1.31.25-1.31.25-
Thickness mm0.8-30.8-30.8-30.8-30.8-30.8-30.8-3not relevant0.8-3not relevant
Width mm5-3405-3405-3405-3408-1.1008-1.1008-1.100not relevant8-1.100not relevant
ETA certified category TypeXXXXXXXXX
CertificationETA 15/0118ETA 15/0118ETA 15/0118ETA 15/0118ETA 15/0118ETA 15/0118ETAETA 15/0118runningETA 15/0118
Specialglassfiber backingglassfiber backing
Graphite Products Fimotion

Some of our other fire proof products

fitherm putty graphite based product
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