Fitherm - PS 100

Product Description

Fitherm® PS 100 is a non-combustible sheet based on silicate which expands to a hard shield in case of fire. During expansion pressure is build up. At the same time a pressure resistant heat-isolating foam will form. This special characteristic has the advantage that it forms a barrier against fire and smoke. The heat absorption, the isolation of the surface below and the pressure strenght of the silicate make this product suitable to reacht the highest levels of fire-protection for many applications. Fitherm PS 100 strips in all applications should be protected against humidity and CO². If necessary encaptsulated or wrapped in soft-PVC or aluminium foil.

Technical Data
Density approx. 1.25 g/cm³ to 1.35 g/cm³
Expansion temperature starting from 100°C
Expansion factor up to 8-fold its original thickness
Colour white
  • Fitherm PS 100 panels are especially developed for the manufacturing of fire doors and for the use in interior fire walls.
  • Fitherm PS 100 can be used laminar with other materials to produce sandwiched fireproof constructions.

Fitherm PS 100 protection sheets are available in the following standard dimensions:

Thickness: 2mm and 4mm; tolerance +/- 0.3mm, resp. +/- 0.6mm
Lenght/Width: 2.150 x 1.110mm to 2.400 x 1.100mm

Other measures on request.

Storages and Processing

Fitherm PS 100 is sensible to water and humidity so has to remain dry at all times. Fitherm PS 100 is also sensible to temperatures aboven 35°C. The panels should be stored lying horizontally.
During handling and processing the wearing of protective gloves and goggles is recommended.

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