Glazing Tape - SP

Product Description

Fitherm® Glazing Tape SP is based on a chemical mix of calcium magnesium silicate; it ensures excellent thermal and physical stability up to 1.200°C.

Special features: it is a bio-soluble high temperature glazing.

Technical Data
Density approx. 3100 g/m³
Colour pale yellow with brown particles
Expansion temperature approx. 350°C
Thermal conductivity 0.047-0.081W/(m.K).
Forming inflatable body soft and thermally insulating mass
Direction of expansion mainly in the direction of thickness
Expansion rate (600° C) 3-5 folds of its original thickness

Fitherm Glazing Tape SP can be used in the following areas:

  • Fire protection glazing as heat insulation
  • Sealing material for industrial and domestic appliances
  • Additional insulation for aluminium holding furnaces
  • Expansion joints

Fitherm SP is available in rolls and strips, with or without adhesive. The product is manufactures on the basis of the general tolerance DIN ISO 2768-1.

Thickness: 2mm to 10mm
Width: 9mm to 1.000mm
Lenght: 10.000mm

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