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Fitherm SP – Glazing Tape

Product Description

Fitherm SP is based on a chemical mix of calcium magnesium silicate; it ensures excellent thermal and physical stability up to 1200 °C. Special features: Fitherm SP glazing tape is a bio-soluble high temperature glazing.

Insulating construction material on the basis of a chemical mix of calcium magnesium- silicate

Material structure
Light, flexible and compressible roll material

Raw density [kg/m3 ]
200 to 300

Temperature resistance [°C]

Melting point [°C]
Above 1.330

Tensile strength [N/mm2 ]
From ca. 0,35

Thermal conductivity [W/mK]
0,10 (at 400 °C)

Fitherm SP can be used in the following areas:

  • Fire protection glazing as heat insulation

  • Sealing material for industrial and domestic appliances

  • Additional insulation for aluminium holding furnaces

  • Expansion joints

Available in rolls and strips, with or without adhesive.
The product is manufactured on the basis of the general tolerance DIN ISO 2768-1

Widths: 9 mm to 1.000 mm
Length: 10.000 mm
Thicknesses: 2 mm to 10 mm