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Fireproof products

Our Fireproof Products

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Fimotion has a wide range of Fitherm products, used for restricting and stopping the passage of fire through-out buildings, ships, tunnels and other constructions. We deliver standard and tailor made products. Our Fitherm products are tested in accordance with European standards, and partly US standards. We offer the highest quility and competitive prices.

fitherm ps 100

Reactive Products
Silicate Based

High-performance intumescent products based on expandable graphite.
We can deliver strips and sheets.

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fireproof products

Reactive Products
Graphite Based

A range of highest-performance sheets based on graphite with starting expansion from 150°C and 180°C.

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Fitherm NP phospate based product

Reactive Products
Phosphate Based

An intumescent material that expands pressure-free, forming a heat-resistant isolating mass in case of fire.

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setting blocks

Glazing Products

Fireproof glazing tape, fireproof setting blocks and more.

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Fitherm MO

Fireproof Boards

A non-combustable board based on magnesium oxide.

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e-pad fireproof electricity products

Special Products

High-performance intumescent products. We can deliver strips and sheets.

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