Silicate Based

We produce graphite based as well as silicate based intumescent products. With a low starting expansion temperature

Fitherm CI

Fitherm® PS 100

Our Fitherm PS 100 is a non-combustable sheet which expands to a hard shield in case of fire. During expansion pressure is build up. At the same time a pressure resistant heat-isolating foam will form.

Reactive silicate based product

Fitherm® PS-SW

Fitherm PS-SW is a sandwich element of PS100 combined with HDF or other panels. Fitherm PS-SW is used for:

  • Fire rated doors and partition walls
  • As fire-door core
  • Fire protection walls, bulk heads, hatches and shutters

Some of our other fire proof products

fitherm putty graphite based product
Fitherm NP
e-pad fireproof electricity products
intumescent putty

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