Passive Fireproof Products

Who are we

Fimotion Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Passive Fire Protection products. From our offices in Europe and Asia we serve our customers and distributors in industry and construction worldwide. We have extensive experience in developing, testing and producing fireproofing solutions. We can advice you how to successfully develop and test our products with yours, to get the best and most price efficient solution.

Company policy is that we never compete with our customers by producing “finished products” as most of our competitors do.

Our Customers

Our customers are manufactureres of fireproof doors and windows, glazing systems, safes, pipe collars and sleeves, cable transits as well as construction companies and applicators.

Our Certified Fireproof Products

Fimotion has a wide range of Fitherm products, used for restricting and stopping the passage of fire throughout buildings, ships, tunnels and other constructions. 

We deliver standard and tailor made products.

Our Fitherm products are tested in accordance with European standards, and partly US standards. We offer the highest quality at competitive prices.

Fimotion, fireproof products supplier

Most of Fimotion Ltd. products are CE certified.

Fitherm products are envirnoment-friendly and solvent-free.

Some of our passive fireproof products

fitherm putty graphite based product
Fitherm NP
e-pad fireproof electricity products
intumescent putty

Interested in our Certified Fireproof Products?

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Matrix Graphite and Silicate Products


Product BaseGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphite
Expansion volume factor approx.15/2025/3030353020309up to 5025
Expansion starting °C approx.200180150180150180180200180150
Expansion pressure - N/mm2 up to0.50.70.7/1.31.710.
Density - gr/cm31.25-1.31.25-1.31.25-1.31.25-
Thickness mm0.8-30.8-30.8-30.8-30.8-30.8-30.8-3not relevant0.8-3not relevant
Width mm5-3405-3405-3405-3408-1.1008-1.1008-1.100not relevant8-1.100not relevant
ETA certified category TypeXXXXXXXXX
CertificationETA 15/0118ETA 15/0118ETA 15/0118ETA 15/0118ETA 15/0118ETA 15/0118ETAETA 15/0118runningETA 15/0118
Specialglassfiber backingglassfiber backing
Graphite Products Fimotion


Product BaseSilicate
Expansion factor approx.8
Expansion starting °C approx.100
Expansion pressure - N/mm2 approx.0,9/1,6
Density - gr/cm31,4-1,5
Thickness mm1,9/3,8
Width mm1.100
Length mm2.440
ETA certified category TypeZ2
CertificationETA 15/0118
Fimotion, fireproof products supplier

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