Cooling Insert

Product Description

Fitherm® CI is a heat-absorbing non-combustible (Classification A1) sheet or strip with excellent heat absorption and insulating properties. These special characteristics help to keep the temperature of metal (aluminum and steel) profiles below the critical points of the insulation creteria.

The sandwich-like sheet or strip is made by bonding basic andothermic boards with a special fire resistant high temperature adhesive. Both integrity AND thermal insulation requirements of various systems can be realized.

Technical Data
Appearance sandwich-like board
Density 1.5 – 1.7 g/cm³
Resistance surface protected moisture
Combustion performance non-flammable
Tolerances of Thickness ± 0.5mm
Tolerances of Widht and Lenght ± 5mm
Colour light yellow
Smell no smell

Fitherm CI is developed for a wide range of applications where a heat-absorbing and thermal-insulating material is necessary to maintain the system integrity AND insulation in case of fire.

These systems are for example:

  • Doors and window of metal, aluminium or pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles
  • Partition walls

Fitherm CI can be processed in sizes according to customer’s demand.

Thickness: 3 – 25mm
Width: up to 1.200mm
Lenght: up to 2.400mm

Special dimensions on request.

Storages and Processing

Fitherm CI can be stored under room conditions. Avoid outdoor exposure to rain and frost.

During handling and processing wearing of protective gloves is recommended. Keep the boards on flat and smooth surface.

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