Fireproof Board - HP

Product Description

Fitherm® HP is a non-combustible (Classification A1) fireproof board and does not contain asbestos and formaldehyde. The product has a low thermal conductivity, especially at high temperatures and possesses excellent mechanical properties. It can be processed easily by using typical carpenter’s equipment and is resistant to moisture.

Fitherm® HP can be used to build fire-resistant building systems like partition walls, ventilation and cable ducts, ceilings, floors, glazing parts as well as structural steel protection.

Technical Data
Combustibility classification non-combustible (class A1) E
Raw density approx. 1.000 kg/m³
Linear shrinkage at heat (at 70°C) ≥ 1%
Thermal conductivity (at 70°C) approx. 0,19 W/(m.K).
Flexural strenght ≥ 10 MPa

Fitherm HP boards can be used for:

  • Ventilation and cable ducts
  • Fire partition walls, ceilings and floors
  • Fire glazing
  • Steel structure protection

Fitherm HP is available in the following standard dimensions:

Thickness: 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm and 12mm. (other thicknesses on requist)
Lenght/Width: 1.220 x 2.440mm.

Fitherm HP cut-offs can be delivered in various sizes up to a maximum length of 2.440mm.

Storages and Processing

Fitherm HP should be stored under room conditions. During processing the wearing of protective gloves and dust mask is recommended

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