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Product Description

In areas where ventilation is needed, like facades and roofs, Fitherm®GM is a good solution to prevent fire spreading. This product is a flexible, compressible fibrous material with embedded expandable graphite. When exposed to heat, Fitherm®GM expands and forms a thermally high-insulating mat of low density, which fills gaps and cavities, and builds up a very effective barrier against fire and smoke. Fitherm®GM is especially a good choice for applications in fire resistant constructions, especially to impart integrated resistance to burn-through and also provide insulation from the heat of combustion.

Fitherm®GM can be used for sound, heat insulation in various areas such as car industry, ship building or civil building construction. In fire-rated building systems it is often used for gap sealing in glazing, roof or rain screen barrier of facade systems. Fitherm®GM can be used make composite systems fire-resistant.
Fitherm®GM does not significantly contribute

Technical Data
Density approx. 400 kg/m³
Expansion temperature starting from 150°C
Expansion factor up to 15-fold its original thickness
Direction of action mainly one direction perpendicular to the surface
Colour grey fibrous matrix with embedded black particles

Fitherm GM is developed for a wide range of applications where an intumescent material is necessary to maintain the system integrity and insulation in case of fire.

  • fire-resistant roof systems
  • fire-resistant glazing systems
  • rain screen barrier of facade systems
  • linear gap seals
  • hardware in fire protection construction
  • in the manufacturing of composite structural panels and facades
Keep sealed in original wrapping until required for use. Avoid strong oxidizing agents, strong alkaline and hydrofluoric acid. The use of disposable nitrile rubber gloves is recommended. Wear goggles or safety glasses with side shields. Do not wear contact lenses. Wear overalls with loose fitting at the neck and wrists.

Store dry and cool

Keep dust generation to a minimum


Fitherm®GM is available in the following standard dimensions:

Thickness: 5.5mm
Width: 5mm to 1250mm
Length: up to 10 meter. Special measures on request.

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