Non-Combustable Glue

Product Description

Fitherm® AG is non-combustable glue (Classification A1) based on water glass. It is developed for bonding different parts or filling small gaps or cavities in fire protection and foundry industry. Fitherm® AG could be used to bond, for example, gipsum board, cement fibre board, calcium silicate board, concrete, masonry etc.
Fitherm® AG cures mainly by means of dehydration, therefore, is not applacable if the bonded materials do not allow water to escape. It is not resistant to humidity and recommended to apply only in interior and dry areas. Fitherm® AG possesses a high thermal stability up to 800°C. In case of fore it does not emit any combustible and harmful gases.

Technical Data
Combustibility non-combustible, classification 1
Density apprx. 1.450 kg/m³
Colour brown
Shelf life 12 months, if stored tightly in original packaging under room conditions

The bonding surfaces have to be free of dust and grease. The materials to be bonded should not contain more than 5% water. Apply Fitherm® AG on the bonding surface using a spatula. Keep the bonded parts fixed for approximately 2 hours. Fitherm® AG reaches its maximal bonding strength after 24 hours. Do not use if the temperature falls below 5°C.


Fitherm® is available in 1 and 5 liter buckets. Other packaging on request.

Storages and Processing

Fitherm® should be stored in original packaging under normal room conditions. Keep Fitherm® AG from freezing. During handling and processing the wearing of protective gloves and goggles is recommended.

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