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Glazing products

For glass constructions we offer a range of fire proofing glazing products, preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

Our glazing products

siliconen sealant

Fitherm® – Fire Rated Silicone

Is a neutral curins sillicone, suitable for e.g. fire resistant joint sealings, connection wall/ceiling or floor, around window frames, outlets for pipes etc. 

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Glazing Tape

Fitherm® VT – Glazing Tape

Glazing tape Fitherm VT based on ceramic fibre for heat non-insulated fire glazing systems to reach high fire-ratings over 60 minutes.

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fitherm cp glazing tape

Fitherm® SP – Glazing Tape

Is a fire sesistant tape for glazing systems. Based on alumium silicate SP offers excellent thermal stability up to a temperature of 1.200°C.

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setting blocks

Fitherm® SB – Setting Blocks

These setting blocks are made of non-combustible materials, have good mechanical properties and support fire resistant glazing at temperatures up to 1.100°C.

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