Fire Rated Silicone

Product Description

Fitherm® Fire Rated Silicone is a neutral curing 1-component silicone sealant. Hardly inflammable according to DIN 4102-B1. Good compatibility with paints according to DIN 52452 (not paintable) Non-carrocive. Excellent weathering, ageing and UV-resistance. Stress expansion modulus at 100% (DIN 53504, S3A): 0,4N/mm².

It is suitable for e.g. fire resistant joint sealings, connection wall/ceiling of floor, around window frames, outlets for pipes, cables, ventilation ducts or as a glazing sealant for fire resistant glazings.

Technical Data
Skim-forming time at 23°C/50% RH (minutes) ∼ 10
Curing in 24 hours at 23°C/50% RH (mm) ∼ 2-3
Processing temperature from/to (°C) +5 / +35
Viscosity at 23°C pasty, stable
Class according to ISO 11600 25LM
Temperature resistance from/to (°C) 25-40 / +180
Extrusion rate according to ISO 8394-1 (g/min) 50 – 150
More Technical Specs are to be found in the data sheet.
  • Sealing of structural components, that require an increased fire performance requirements. (e.g. fire- resistant building components and fire-resistant glazing).
  • Suitable for sealing glazing units.

This product available in the following standard dimensions:

Cartridge 310ml


  • Black S94-04-C04
  • Grey S94-04-C02
  • Transparant S94-04-C00
  • White S94-04-C01

Packaging: 20 pieces per box

Cartridges per pallet: 1.200

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