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Fitherm IP – Intumescent Putty

intumescent putty

Product Description

Fitherm® IP is a firestopping sealant based on a polymer dispersion in water and expandable graphite. In case of fire, Fitherm® Intumescent Putty expands up to 25-fold its original volume, and forms a heat-isolating shield. Particularly Fitherm® starts expanding at a relatively low temperature of around 150°C and forms a pressure-resistant char. The outstanding intumescent properties make this product suitable for the most challinging tasks for an intumescant sealant. Fitherm® IP is a halogeen-free and solvent-free product.

approx. 1.30 g/cm³

Expansion temperature
starting from 150°C

Expansion factor
up to 25-fold its original thickness

Expansion pressure
approx. 1.0 N/mm²

Application temperature
> +5°C 



Fitherm® IP Intumescent Putty can be used where an intumescent material is necessary to maintain the system integrity and insulation in case of fire. These systems are for example:

  • ceilings and floors, glazing elements, especially butt-joint systems

  • pipe penetrations and cable transit systems

  • air ducts

  • partition walls

  • gaps and cavities in repair work

To apply Fitherm IP Intumescent Putty, the surface has to be free of dust and grease. Use a hand gun or blow gun to fill the sealant into the gaps and cavities and smooth it with a spatula. Cover the surface with a good fire silicone after curing to protect against weathering, especially for exterior use.

Fitherm® IP Intumescent Putty can be stored under normal room conditions. During handling and processing the wearing of protective gloves is recommended. The shelf life is 12 months.

Fitherm® IP Intumescent Putty is available in 310ml cartridges. Other packaging units on request.