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Fitherm GC

Product Description

Fitherm® GC is a flexible intumescent sheet based on expandable graphite and especially developed for the use as cable bandage against fire in all electric installations. In case of fire Fitherm® GC will expand to multiple times its original volume and build a very effective barrier around cables against fire and smoke. Fitherm® GC expands to a preferential direction perpendicular to the sheet and prevents spreading-out of a fire along the cable channel.

Fitherm® GC can be easily wrapped around cables and cable ducts. A combination of precise dimension and excellent intumescent properties makes this product suitable to reach a high level of fire-protection, also for other applications. Fitherm® GC sheet has a glass fiber cloth on one side and can be laminated with different sheet materials on both sides if necessary in different applications, for example, with a high quality self-adhesive for easy installation and durable fixing.

approx. 0.80 g/cm3

Expansion temperature
starting from 180°C

Expansion factor
up to 50-fold its original thickness

Expansion pressure
start approx. 0.70 N/mm2

. > 70


Fitherm GC is developed especially for protecting cable/cable bundle against fire in electric installations like:

  • power stations

  • transformer stations

  • commercial and residential buildings

  • tunnels

  • ships

  • transportation systems

Fitherm GC can be stored under normal room conditions without special care. During handling and processing the wearing of protective gloves is recommended.

Fitherm GC is available as flexible sheets in the following standard dimensions, other measures on request:

Thickness: minimum 0.55 mm, 1 mm or 1.5 mm.
Size: 1100 x 2100 mm or 1100 x 2400 mm

Lamination with self-adhesive tape is possible.