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Fitherm VT – Glazing Tape


Product Description

Fitherm VT is a ceramic roll/sheet material with embedded exfoliative vermiculite. When exposed to fire Fitherm VT expands to build a light-weight and heat-insulating fibre mat, closes the gaps protects the constructions in the surroundings. As a fire glazing tape Fitherm VT has excellent thermal insulation and protects the glass edge properly.

Fitherm VT is especially suitable for heat non-insulated fire glazing systems (E or EW class) to reach high fire-ratings over 60 minutes. By expansion Fitherm VT exerts pressure on the glass edges perpendicular to the glass surface and helps to avoid sagging of the glass pane at high temperatures, when the glass begins to soften. Fitherm VT contains a small percentage of organic binder and has a normal combustible classification (class E).

normal combustible, class E

600- 650 kg/m³

yellowish with embedded brown particles

Expansion temperature
approx. 400ºC

Expansion rate (600ºC)
3-4 times, free expansion

Fitherm VT can be used in the following areas:

  • As surface protection for building elements against fire

  • To fill gaps and cavities in constructions against fire

  • Especially for heat non-insulated fire glazing systems(EorEWclass)

Fitherm VT is normally delivered in form of rolls with a self-adhesive tape on one side.

Fitherm VT can be cut into different widths in its standard thicknesses: 3, 4 and 5mm. Other thicknesses possible on request.