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Fitherm SB Setting Blocks

Fireproof Setting Blocks

Product Description

Fitherm SB is a water-repellent, impregnated glazing block, with inorganic aluminum silicate as its base material. The material possesses good mechanical properties and withstands high temperatures.

Due to its properties, the base material, also without water-repellent impregnation, is suitable for various applications such as; chimneys, ovens and furnaces.

Building material classification
B2 (DIN 4102, Part 1)

Gross density
starting from approx. 960 kg/m

Thermal conductivity
400ºC 0,10 (W/mK)
600ºC 0,11 (W/mK)
800ºC 0,13 (W/mK)
1.000ºC 0,14 (W/mK)

Application temperature
up to 1.100ºC

Fitherm SB  setting blocks can be used for the following application:

  • Fire resistant glazing

Due to its good properties, the base material, besides glazing, also suitable for various fire stopping applications such as: chimneys, ovens and furnaces.

Fitherm SB is available in the following standard dimensions:

Thickness: 3 – 6 mm (8 mm and 10 mm on request)
Widht: 6-8-10-12-14-18-20-22-24-26-29-38-60 en 70 mm
Lenght: 80 mm
Colour: Beige/Brown

Optional: Setting Block with a self-adhesive layer.