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Our range of special fire proofing products, and on request we can deliver them customized. New are the fireproof electricity products.

The Fireproof Electricity Products

fireproof electricity products e-pad

Fitherm® Electricity E-Pad

A high-performance intumescent product developed to protect wall socket against fire penetration.

More information and datasheet

fireproof electricity cable collar

Fitherm® Electricity Cable Collar

For cables and pipes up to 26mm diameter.

No information and datasheet yet

fireproof electricity products cable tube

Fitherm® Electricity Cable Tube

We can deliver Intumescent Cable Tubes.

No information and datasheet yet

Other Fireproof Products

Lock and Hinge plates

Fitherm® Lock and Hinge

We can deliver a wide range of Dorma & Geze Lock and Hinge products: Dorma & Geze doorpenetration set, Lock protection and Hinge protection.

More information and datasheet

High temperature glue

Fitherm® AG – High Temperature Glue

A non-combustible glue (A1) based on waterglass. Besides gluing this product can be used as a fireproofing filter of small gaps and cavities.

More information and datasheet