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Why Fimotion is the best fireproof products supplier?

A reliable partner for everyone

In over 30 countries we serve our customers and distributors in industry and construction for many years. We deliver standard or tailor made fire proofing products. For many years already. And we never compete with our customers as most of our “competitors “do.

Innovation is our middle name

We develop a wide range of fire proofing products meeting your requirements. We can advice you how to successfully develop and test your products. Cooperating with you to get the best and most price efficient solution.

Safety always comes first

Practically all of our products are tested in accordance with USA and European standards, at competitive prices. Fimotion Europe is CE certified.

Our Fireproofing Products

fimotion europe

fimotion europe fire proofing products

fimotion europe fire proofing products

fire proofing products


Doors protected.


Safes protected.

Frames closed.